What is Biodynamics?

Pronunciation: / bīōdī namiks/

1. the study of physical motion or dynamics in living systems.
2. a method of organic farming involving such factors as the observation of lunar phases and planetary cycles.

The Biodynamic Hive

Bees are very much in time with the Sun, Venus, and Earth cycles. The hive is made to reduce the stress factors on the bees and foster this connection. This is done simply by reducing the thermal, predator and chemical stress factors.

The hive you are sponsoring is not pine, it is cedar and made in such a way as to act like a tree, with 1-inch thick vertical grain walls (which helps to remove moisture), a stainless steel screened bottom with a vented cleanout, and a tile roof to flatten out temperature spikes. The hive has a stand that keeps it three feet o the ground, to keep pests from getting in. All this lowers the stress level on the bees.

We plant mint and similar plants in a line at the base of the hive, which ants will not cross. This also gives the bees a plant they can use to keep the hive healthy.

The biodynamic hive is simply the nest top-frame beehive ever constructed. It repels predators and microorganisms, which helps the bees to thrive. And it comes with training to provide additional understanding of how to maintain the hive to help the bees.

If bees are not happy with a hive, they will abscond with their queen and nd a new home. Our builder says bees like his hives so much, they come to his shop and try to move in while the hive is still being built.